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Nintendo 3DS- Eyesight conflicts, and Life Cycle thoughts

Nintendo revealed that the 3DS won’t be suitable for playing by children under 6 years of age, saying that it may harm eye sight development. That might prove to be a small issue for Nintendo upon the launch and life of the 3DS- Undoubtedly, Younger children probably accounted for a noticeable amount of sales in the original DS. Then, on top of that, Nintendo recommends that no matter what age you are, you take regular breaks from the console every half-hour. That’s kind of an inconvenience for some of those big games that may find their way onto the system.

The system itself is a rather great way to kick off the 2011 gaming year, as it brings a new concept not seen in Gaming, and what was probably not expected to debut on the handheld format- Direct to your Eyes 3D. Nothing is needed except yourself (and preferably clothes) and your eyes. Exactly how it works has not been revealed, but the system also contains a switch of some sort to manually change it into 2D or vice versa.

However, even if it’s a great console, Nintendo has had issues with sales for their Consoles when it comes to older serious/hard core gamers. Reflected instantly in what games are actually available for the DS and Wii, the 3DS will probably end up slipping into the same pattern. The range of games available on the DS is thin. And unfortunately they don’t vary very much. The console has had some really great games, and has presented some great games with even greater concepts that wouldn’t work on any other system half as well as it could on the DS (that’s actually a good thing) games like ScribbleNauts, Drawn to Life, WarioWare are prime examples of these great concepts. And, there are absolute master pieces that truly should be showcased by Nintendo themselves in their World Headquarters’- The World Ends With You would definitely belong there.

It’s almost as if though that the good games are dragged down by piles of games that must have had “JUST MAKE IT USE THE TOUCH SCREEN AND IT WILL BE FINE” as the entire design document. Which leads to a million bad games, taking for granted what was an innovation in gaming, and screwing it into something that serious gamers now hate. It’s a dumping ground for new (and sometimes old) companies to just release their games too, hoping that the easy-to-persuade demographic of the DS (most of its market is probably aged 7-12) will buy it and the company will make a profit.

If the 3DS ends up having the same effect, a million games but only a handful of actual good ones, then I think Nintendo needs to spread some new wings and fly to an older demographic, where you will in-turn get better games, having bigger console sales, and less crap all around. Let’s face it- it’s apparently got the power of a GameCube, and if you’ve seen some screenshots of the games already announced for the 3DS, they look on-par with the best Playstation 2 games. it’s a real opportunity for Nintendo to move into an older age demographic all-around instead of just having a mixed demographic with seemingly no point.

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